2013 is OUR Year. OUR time to rise up and do good.

This place - OUR place - is unique. We have experienced a population boom over the last 20 years, making obvious our tremendous assets as a community - yet we have such limited retail and industry. We watch as our constituents spend their income outside of our city, depriving us of much needed jobs, fellowship and tax revenue. We stand by, sympathetic to the struggling small business owner whose dedication and tenacity is simply no match for a waning economy. 2013 is OUR year. We sit idle no longer.

It is time. Time to step up and make strides together as a community. Time to erect fresh facades, recruit new industry, overcome apathy and breathe fresh life into OUR place. OUR people. We need ripe, energetic leadership, unafraid to mobilize OUR team and plant a new concept for "business as usual."

Brian Hodges is that leader. We will be posting more information about his experience and platforms. Stay tuned!


    enhancing our future
    both industrial & small business, to support a growing population
    including faith, morality and patriotism.

Join Us!

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